Real learning to boost your

tech career.

A bootcamp like no other.

You'll be: 
1. Learning programming in Latin America

2. With amazing faculty

3. At half the price of doing it in the U.S.


This is how

we do it

(It's not too good to be true!)

Your tuition pays amazing teachers, not venture capitalists. 

world-class faculty

It's quite simple. Most bootcamps have to deal with the growing pains of maintaining quality while scaling rapidly to satisfy investors. Balancing these needs  has shown to be difficult, if not impossible,  

We run a lean operation, and think quality > scalability

  •  20 student cap per class

  • 1 great teacher (Available for class and office hours)

  • 1 TA for help with problem sets. 

Our faculty are talented professionals from Silicon Valley, the indie-hacker community, or academia. They're typically in career transitions and want to teach passionate students before starting a new project or heading back into industry or research.

Don't get stuck with instruction from  a TA who just finished the course you're taking.

The best learning environment is actually more affordable.

amazing locations

We pick locations a short flight away from the U.S. and Canada. This lowers our overhead dramatically and we pass these savings onto you. 


Changing careers and learning a new skillset isn't easy. Leave your everyday life behind so you can single-mindedly focus on programming. Being in the right environment to retool yourself as a programmer has remarkable power.


Then, during your free time,  step outside and enjoy an amazing place. Practice your Spanish, enjoy a mezcal tasting, learn to cook something new,  refine your dance steps, meet interesting people... Or hang out in a hammock and let ideas percolate before you get back to the grind.

(Yes, this is our Mérida school) -> 

$7k for 12-weeks

unbeatable value

According to Course Report, the average price for in-person coding bootcamps is $13,584, making our courses just about half that price. 

We also offer opt-in weekend trips, activities, and housing. Throughout our courses, we connect students with entrepreneurs, guest speakers and companies to help you kickstart your career in tech. 





What does "La Hackería" mean?

La Hackería is a place where hackers are made. Tacos may or may not be involved.

But seriously, by hacker, we don't mean the kind that steal your credit card info. More generally, we think a hacker is someone that uses concrete skills, creativity and dogged persistence to crack difficult problems.

That's why seek creative and doggedly persistent people who want to skill-level up to a new career. 

How many courses have you launched thus far?

The Mérida Web Development Course in September 2020 will be our first course offering!

We're excited to share this amazing course with you, as we spearhead a lean, in-person approach towards tech education.

What are my financing options?

We are currently at a startup phase and do not yet offer financing or student loans. However, we are working with financing partners to allow our students to take our courses with $0 down. We do, however, offer 15% pre-registration discounts.


If you're serious about taking one of our courses, but can't yet afford one: drop us an email below.  We'll get in touch as soon as we offer financing. No spamming. Ever. 

What about Coronavirus?

We implore everyone to stay home, keep meticulously clean hands, and avoid non-essential travel. That being said, we expect the Covid-19 pandemic to be over by the time our courses start next September.

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